Word of the Year - Penny Harrison
January 1, 2021, 12:07 PM

Over the last few years, choosing one word to focus on for the entire year has become increasingly popular. New Year’s Resolutions are so easily broken, and they add undue stress.   However, when you choose one word to focus on you create a mantra to help guide your daily actions through the year.

Sometimes your word comes easy. Other times you may struggle for your word. To help you pick a word you may need to think back on the past year and its events. You may need to think about the year ahead and ask yourself, what do I want most from the next year – what do I want to accomplish, what do I want more of in my life, what am resisting? These are just a few questions.

Jot down all the words that come to mind. Which word reminds you of what you want to focus on for the year? Pray about your word.  Watch for the word to show up in other media. You may hear it repeated or read it at different times.  Below are some words that might help you get started:  

believe   change   create   discipline   faith   family  forgiveness  generous  grace   gratitude  hope   inspiration   intention   kind   launch   minimize   peace    step   strength    


Don’t worry, if you don’t have your word at the beginning of the year.  There is still time.