My Word for 2021 by Laurie Martin
March 6, 2021, 9:50 AM

After reading One Perfect Word by Debbie Macomber, many of us in the women’s Bible study started choosing a word to focus on each year.  This year my word is Grace which is defined by Webster as an undeserved favor or gift.  God’s grace is a gift because we cannot ever earn His forgiveness, kindness and mercy.  Someone once said “God’s grace keeps pace with what we face “and I had good reason to remember that more than once last month.   First, I had a flat tire on Route 2 in a very precarious spot.  Because of a guard rail and steep cliff there was no room to pull way off the road or to get out of my car.  My first response was fear and panic as cars zoomed past me at 70mph.  Then, as I prayed for God’s grace & protection, I immediately remembered my AAA membership which I’d never ever used.  I called and miraculously a service truck was 5 minutes away.   A few weeks later I locked myself out of my new house. I had never gotten around to giving my son a spare key so my friend and I went around the house trying to jimmy open windows with no success.  Grumbling and complaining about my stupidity got me nowhere but when I finally prayed again for God’s grace and wisdom it was suddenly apparent that I should just call a locksmith. Duh!!!  We found one in Mentor, the price was reasonable, and I was back in my house within the hour!  And now, if I ever have a medical emergency, my son has a key!  God, is always there with His moment-by-moment boundless grace to free our hearts from doubt and fear.  God’s unshakable commitment to never turn from His work of grace not only protects us but also transforms us so we will share God’s love, compassion and grace with others!

Laurie Martin